Berlinale 2018: THEATRE OF WAR



Berlinale 2018, FORUM

The first feature-length film of Argentina’s famous theatre director, performer and visual artist Lola Arias, will celebrate its world premiere at the section Forum of this year’s Berlin International Film Festival. THEATRE OF WAR is an essay on how to represent war, performed by former enemies.

In 1982, Argentina and UK fought the Malvinas/ Falklands War. The war ended with the British military victory and took about 1.000 lives, both British and Argentinean.
THEATRE OF WAR tells the story of how six veterans from the Malvinas/ Falklands War came together to make a film. The film is a way of showing the social experiment of making an artistic project with one-time enemies of war: the auditions to find the protagonists, the first meetings and discussions with them, the theatrical re-enactments of their memories in different scenarios.
All the scenes in the film are at the same time authentic and artificial. The film playfully switches between reality and fiction, spontaneity and acting. It explores how to transform a soldier into an actor, how to turn war experiences into a story, how to show the collateral effects of war.
THEATRE OF WAR brings together former enemies to perform their wartime and post-war nightmares.