Berlinale 2018: LA CAMA



Berlinale 2018, FORUM
nominated for the GWFF Best First Feature Award

The first feature-length film of Mónica Lairana will celebrate its world premiere at the section Forum of this year’s Berlin International Film Festival. LA CAMA is a raw and naturalistic exploration of the intimacy of a couple breaking up.

The naked bodies of a woman and a man, collapsed, sitting on the floor with their heads hanging, their sexes exposed. They are grieving, devastated, inert. A couple which is separating, two bodies that try to love each other for the last time and fail. Jorge (60) and Mabel (59) spend their last 24 hours together as a couple locked in their family home. They eat, fuck, cry and laugh. They dismantle their house, just as they do their relationship.
LA CAMA is an authentic exploration of the private and the intimate and the ordinary daily life. The spectator is a voyeur, a witness, who observes all this intimacy from a certain distance.

Sandra Sandrini and Alejo Mango’s play is utterly touching and subtly nuanced. It displays in every moment the coexisting emotions of a long-term couple’s separation: expressing deep affection and anger, decidedness and desperation, grief and hopefulness at the same time.