December 21st: BARACOA is an excursion into the world of a childhood friendship in a Cuban village, where Leonel contemplates change as his older friend Antuán moves to the city. The first feature-length film of Pablo Briones, co-directed with The Moving Picture Boys, will celebrate its world premiere at the section Generation Kplus of this year’s Berlin International Film Festival.

Directors: Pablo Briones and The Moving Picture Boys
Switzerland / USA / Spain, 2018, 90 Min.
Original language / subtitles: Spanish (Cuba)/ English
A C-Side Productions (Switzerland)
in coproduction with The Moving Picture Boys (USA) & Playlab Films (Spain)

The Film
During summer break, Leonel and Antuán intimately explore their universe far from adults in the countryside of a small Cuban town. With a considerable difference in age, their unique friendship is torn between games and fights, conversations about everyday life, existentialist questions, simple pleasures and boredom.

As his older friend is drawn to the busy life of the city, Leonel is forced to examine his life and place in the world. While Cuban society is going through a transitional period, the two friends also come to a crossroads.

The Directors
Pablo Briones is a film director, film editor and cinematographer based in Geneva, Switzerland. In 2016 he takes part of the workshop Filming in Cuba with Abbas Kiarostami, where he directed PEZCAL (Best Workshop Film) screened in Locarno FF, La Habana FF and Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen among many others. BARACOA is his first feature film.

The Moving Picture Boys Jace Freeman and Sean Clark are award-winning directors creating narrative nonfiction documentaries in the American South. They are currently finishing the forthcoming Saint Cloud Hill (2019), a new cinéma vérité feature shot exclusively in a narrative observational style.